Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat And What To Do To Stay Cool!

RMSS Activity Centres are always open as cooling centres during extreme heat waves.

Call the centre to find out the hours when needed.

Maple Ridge: 604-467-4993              Pitt Meadows: 604-457-4771

In the summer of 2021, BC experienced unusually high atmospheric temperatures, with record daily high temperatures in numerous locations and near record highs experienced across much of the province.  Extreme heat events pose a growing public health threat.

Extreme heat occurs when the outside or indoor temperatures are hotter than normal.  The body usually cools itself by sweating but when its really hot sweating might not be enough to cool down the body.

Extreme temperatures affect everyone in different ways.  If you are in the vulnerable category it may result in heat related illness.  If you are a child younger than 5 years, adult 65 years and older, have a chronic disease, especially congestive heart failure or work outside for a living you are part of the vulnerable population in relation to extreme heat.

Some ways to battle the heat are to plan activities in the early morning when its cooler, turn off lights that generate heat, use fans or air conditioning (if possible), try not to use the stove or oven.  Move to a cooler place in the building or visit a cool place such as a shopping mall, library, community centre or movie theatre.

Keep your body cool by drinking beverages without caffeine or alcohol before you are thirsty.  Take a cool shower or sponge bath.  Place a wet cloth around your neck.  Speak to your doctor if you take medicines like diuretics that make you lose water.

Planning is key to making sure you are ready for a heat event.

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